Ramadan Offer Flat 50% off
Ramadan Offer Flat 50% off
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Gold Membership

We are pleased to announce the first and one of its kind Gold Membership for our fragrance Web Store.

Perks of our Gold Membership:

- Free shipping on return and exchange items
- Free shipping on a promo code
- Free samples of our upcoming perfumes
- Other exciting freebies

That's a lot of FREE

Membership Criteria:

In order to avail Gold membership, you must have spent more than Rs.10000 on our web store.

When you accomplish the challenge, you will be automatically notified of becoming a Gold Member of Fragscent Perfumes within few days.

How to avail benefits:

1. Just mention you are a Gold member at the time of replacement our team will verify it.
2. Your phone number will be your unique ID which you can use as a code.

*The company holds the right to discontinue the membership at any time.
If you have any further queries, simply email us at fragscentpk@gmail.com


Fair Usage Policy Applicable

Upto 3 returns and exchanges allowed within 6 months
Samples for newly launched perfumes will be sent along with the next order

Looking forward to serving you,
Team Fragscent Perfumes