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212 Sexy
212 Sexy

212 Sexy

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My nose really likes this, although it's not "love" yet.
In the opening it gives me slight "masculine, spicy" vibes. Then it proceeds into this interesting and peppery sweetness (I assume it's the cotton candy and caramel note). After that what I get is slight powdery (almost like iris or violet or something like that) but it's not that noticeable. Besides that, I definitely get the patchouli in the background.
Overall, it's a sweet perfume, but not that sweet. :P sillage and longevity are moderate on me.

Top Notes
Pink Pepper | Mandarin Orange | Bergamot

Middle Notes
Cotton Candy | Gardenia | Flowers | Pelargonium | Rose

Base Notes
Vanilla | Musk | Sandalwood | Caramel | Patchouli | Violet